On the path to excellence

Confident Horses that are Ready to Shine

At MASSA Horses, our foals develop with confidence, ready to show their full potential. Their huge capacity to be trained is a key part of their success. Coming into their third year, our young horses are entering an essential stage in their equestrian journey: breaking in. This is a transformative time when our protégés develop the essential skills to make them magnificent sport horses.
At our own stables, our team of specialist riders use all their passion and expertise in service of the breaking in process. This delicate process consists of encouraging horses to respect the rider and the fundamental codes of conduct to develop harmoniously. Our horses are carefully guided and are encouraged to express their full potential. These champions in the making are ready to launch themselves into equestrian careers with confidence and commitment.

Good training is the bedrock to the perfect partnership between horse and rider, whilst mutual respect is the key to success.