A healthy and well-balanced setting

Located in Saint Martin de Crau, the Château Bretonne breeding center is a veritable paradise for our horses.

Chateau Bretonne breeding centre

Located at the entrance to the beautiful French Camargue region and with a heritage of expertise that dates back to the Romans, Château Bretonne’s 200+ acres feature pastureland with certified designation of origin (“AOC”) status due to the quality of the trace elements supplied by the soil.
In addition, the world-renowned Crau Hay is a product of the La Crau prairies. This idyllic location is where our young protégés develop from birth to three years old. They are monitored, handled, doted on, cared for and loved by our skilled and dynamic team.
Backed by veterinary professionals, farriers, nutritionists and more, the La Bretonne team’s only goal is to ensure that all foals, mothers, yearlings and all the other growing horses have a happy, healthy and well-balanced life. The first experience of handling is very important and requires calm, rigour and assurance.

Breaking-in center – Grand Manege Stables

Beautiful facilities, multiple paddocks, a walker, several arenas, a large ring and spacious and airy stalls all allow our Bretonne Riding School team to start training young horses in the greatest possible comfort and safety. Surrounded by experienced grooms, the horses can further their training in an entirely calm environment. Farriers and vets also watch over our charges.

Distinctive Feature

Crau hay is produced on the Crau plain. It benefits from an appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC). It is the first animal feed to be awarded this distinction. The packaging features a red and white string. Its history dates back to the 16th century, when the first irrigation canal was built in Crau, thanks to Adam de Craponne. Water from the Durance was thus extracted and transported to the Crau. Little by little, secondary canals appeared and today form a surface network of several hundred kilometers, extending the surface area of irrigated Crau.