The essentials

For harmonious development

The heartlands of the vast expanses of La Crau are the perfect place for our yearlings to fully flourish. The first year is decisive for their development. During this period, their core character and resilience start to take shape.

Every day offers a new opportunity for them to learn how to live alongside others, to grow accustomed to moving between enclosures, to grow used to being handled and to explore new experiences.
A highly qualified team provides continuous support, giving tailored care to each foal to meet their specific needs.

To promote their development in a calm environment, males and females are grouped by age and sex.
This fosters peaceful cohabitation and a natural hierarchy within each herd.
Communal life is a fundamental pillar of the foals’ learning, helping them to develop well and to form their character and personality, strengthening their physical and mental equilibrium.

We give foals a solid foundation to promote harmonious development.