Meticulous preparation

For Elite Sporting Performance

At national and international competitions, our horses stand out due to their collection (piaffe, passage, pirouettes and more), their exceptional mentality, positive energy and remarkable gait.

In partnership with our riders, they follow a made-to-measure training programme that is tailored to their physical and psychological growth.
This joint approach, driven by an unwavering quest for perfection, is overseen by an international judge and trainer *** who visits each week to steer them on the path to excellence.

Loved by riders, Massa horses are noted for their high aptitude for the piaffe, passage and airs above the ground that are performed having achieved collection.
They also have an exceptional mentality and a propensity for extension and propulsion, giving them the perfect blend of ingredients to perform in dressage.
Our trained horses make their competition debut when their confidence and their assurance allow them to showcase all of their physical capabilities.
For some, affiliated competitions and the CDI-YH* are a chance to shine.
In general, horses make their Grand Prix debuts around the age of eight or nine. Each horse’s career is managed with the utmost respect for their well-being.

A Grand Prix horse’s education is built on solid foundations, allowing the horse to flourish with complete confidence alongside their rider throughout their sporting career.

We offer you athletic horses equipped with a stable and cooperative temperament, excellent gait and a magnificent ability to achieve collection.

* Concours de dressage International Jeunes Chevaux