First steps

A secure and caring environment

Our foals are born into a carefully prepared environment at our Château Bretonne breeding centre.
Each foaling takes place in spacious stalls that are specially fitted out to ensure the mother and her foal are as comfortable as possible.
Our team of dedicated professionals keep a close eye on the foals in their first few months.
They ensure the foals receive top-quality care, including regular vet visits and rigorous monitoring of their health, growth and vaccinations.
Up to the age of six months, our foals grow up alongside their mothers, benefiting from plenty of space to thrive.
For their well-being, they are put into small herds of a maximum of 20 foals when the time comes for weaning.
This ongoing attention provided by our teams plays a crucial role in the foals’ development and how they interact with humans, which has a positive effect on their future lives.