The World of Massa

Sylvain Massa : A man of conviction

Sylvain Massa was born in Cannes in 1948 and raised in the family home on the Côte d’Azur. At the age of 25, by which time he had been a showjumper for several years, he was charmed by a trained Lusitano.

Massa was captivated by the beauty, gentle nature and generosity of the Lusitano breed. The mentality of this war horse, which is always ready to do its best, cooperate bravely and intelligently and work in perfect harmony with its rider when being trained, left him in no doubt that this noble breed is nothing short of extraordinary.

More than 45 years on, Massa decided to buy a property in inner Var, and to establish a breeding centre for Lusitano dressage horses to compete with the best warmblood breeds. He was assisted in his research by Doctor Borba, a renowned breeder in Portugal, to whom he will be eternally grateful for passing on such a wealth of knowledge about the breeding and genetics of Iberian horses and for allowing him to buy several of the best mares from his stable (including Nortada, Guapa, Ortiga, Tempestade and Janota), together with Maestro, the Grand Prix International stallion. This meeting gave rise to his approach to breeding with scrupulously selected horses. Following almost four decades of work, Massa now heads up a breeding centre with more than 500 horses (CDF, PSL, PSH/CPD*) which regularly participate in the most-renowned dressage competitions such as the Olympic Games and the World Equestrian Games..

* CDF – French Dressage Horse, PSL – Pure Blood Lusitano, PSH/CPD – Portuguese Sport Horse / Cavalo Português Desporto

Our Breeds : The Massa Imprint

The world of dressage is marked by a history of excellence, highlighted by exceptional performances over the years./h4>

The excellent results achieved over the years (including in the Modèle and Allures contests, French Championships, Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, European Championships, World Cups and Nations Cups) attest to the suitability of the line chosen and the benefit of remaining true to one’s ideas.

Photo : Sophie Edmunds Photography ©
Vagabond de Massa & Isla Sully – Bronze medal at the 2023 Junior European Championships in Kronberg with the English team

Le PSL* – Massa : a remarkable horse

Massa’s pure blood Lusitanos have excelled in international dressage competitions. The real strength of Massa’s breeding is being able to keep the PSL’s superb mentality and excellent collection whilst improving their propensity for extension and propulsion.

We continue our ongoing commitment to improvement. We have focused on enhancing the flexibility and propulsion of our horses, two key elements for excelling in high-level competitions. Massa PSL horses are renowned for their scope, elegance, and power in motion.

Each horse embodies the tradition of excellence, continually pushing the boundaries of perfection.

* Pure Blood Lusitano

Le CDF* : Excellence made in France.

Recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture, the Cheval de Dressage Français – CDF * Stud Book is the result of 45 years of selection and is proof of the global recognition of the established breed criteria of Massa horses.
Sylvain Massa, Anne-Sophie de La Gatinais, Caroline Rioche and Vincent Guilloteau came together to create this new Stud Book. This approach is flying the flag for France and is going to promote our excellent dressage horses and our nation. Unity makes strength.

* French Dressage Horse

Onyxia de Massa