Key stages

For optimal and balanced growth

At two years old, our foals are at a key stage of their development, at which they continue to build their character and resilience.
The exceptional quality of our pastureland, rich in essential nutrients, is a major advantage to help them grow and stay healthy.
They benefit from a balanced diet that promotes the development of their muscles and skeletal system, preparing them for a future sporting career.
Within the herd, gallops are not only spectacular but are also a crucially important cornerstone of the horses’ learning.
They allow the foals to improve their endurance, develop their coordination and hone their agility. These playful moments are not just a source of fun, but are also educational since they teach the foals the basics of communication and social interaction.
Continuous monitoring by our experienced team ensures that these activities are entirely safe.

At this age, our foals regularly participate in a variety of activities, including visits from the farrier, photo shoots, and learning how to travel in trailers or horse boxes.
We make sure that each horse can blossom, explore and learn at their own pace, whilst protecting their physical and mental well-being.
By growing up in this caring environment, they develop the necessary skills to become top-quality athletes.

We are committed to the optimal growth and well-being of our foals.